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Quality Saw Mill Equipment

Since 1989, Winston Machinery Supply has been supplying companies in the lumber mill industry with quality saw mill equipment. We are well versed in helping lumber milling companies accomplish their goals and do their jobs using new and used saw mill equipment of superior quality. Though we are headquartered in Double Springs, Alabama, we ship saw mill equipment all over the country, serving customers across our great nation.

Diverse Array of Products

The list of machinery that we build and sell parts and equipment for is sizable, to say the least. We are capable of working with unscramblers, log decks, rollcases, debarkers, green chains, incline decks, drop belts, log troughs, radial stackers, and belt conveyors – to name a few. We strive to deliver great products at competitive prices, ensuring our customers always get a great deal.

An Efficient Lumber Delivery System

The Winston Machinery Supply green chain will move your sawn lumber to its destination at a controlled rate. This Green Chain is a three or four-strand design that can be crafted to whatever length specification you need (max length may vary based on total weight of material being moved). The deck height can be likewise be built according to your specifications.

Commitment to our Customers

At Winston Machinery Supply, we recognize the importance of great customer service, which is why we design many of our own pieces of equipment. Our unscramblers are available in bar and lug designs, coupled with a variety of options. Once we determine the species, material sizes, and production requirements, one of our team members will suggest the specific unscramble that fits you perfectly – to both meet your needs and work within your budget. We offer unscramblers as small as 2 strand and up to 8 strand, plus they are available with even end rolls! Every unscrambler undergoes design checks to determine the optimum angle and curvature for an application’s material size requirements, making our unscramblers anything but unconventional.

Great Equipment at a Great Price

Whether you are looking for new saw mill equipment or used saw mill equipment, Winston Machinery Supply has the industry knowledge and competitive prices to get you what you need. Browse our website or give us a call at (205) 300-8447 to learn more today!



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